The Hypnotic Transformation

Past Life Regression

With Amelia Bishop

Gain insights, expand, and manifest your goals.

do you...

Feel stuck - like you're constantly hitting a wall trying to make a change?

Feel like you want to expand spiritually and connect more deeply within?

Feel like you've tried EVERYTHING...but you still can't seem to make "it" happen!


Experiencing shifts you never thought would be possible

Feeling like you can move forward and step into your true power and potential

Finally ditching those bad habits that are holding you back and keeping you stuck


Gary H.

Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Amelia, I was able to gain a completely new outlook on life AND quit smoking after being a lifelong smoker. WOW, thank you Amelia!

There were a few specific things I wanted to change/improve in my life. I found after trying for quite awhile that I wasn’t able to solve them myself. What a relief to find Amelia at Hidden River Hypnosis with her calm and clear help I could draw upon my own resources to achieve my goals. An added benefit was I learned an easy self hypnosis so I can practice positive feedback at times when I need it most. Thank you so much Amelia.

Sarah B.

NYC, New York

My hypnosis sessions with Amelia were relaxing, comforting, and insightful. Her voice is so soothing, and she led me to immense personal discovery and deep healing. I highly recommend Amelia as her practice is professional, intuitive, and above all, it works! Thank you Amelia!

Carrie W.

Los Angeles, CA

The Hypnotic transformation

Past Life REgression

The Hypnotic Transformation is designed to help you dramatically evolve over a series of 1:1 sessions.


This highly customized hypnosis work will help you step into your true power and allow you to explore your past lives and gain powerful spiritual insights.

does this sound like you?

Do you feel like you've tried everything, but still can't break your old habits?

Do you want to make dramatic shifts without waiting years and years for them to occur?

Do you want to put an end to your disempowering beliefs for good?

Do you want to explore and expand your spirituality?

Do you want to get out of your own way so that you can step into your power and start living your life fully?


Are you ready?

Hypnosis can help you shift blocks and beliefs in ways you've never experienced before. 

All you need is the commitment and desire to make the change and shifts in your life. 

What you get when you Work with me

You'll get 4 sessions of weekly, highly transformative 1:1 Hypnosis Sessions

You'll Learn Powerful self-hypnosis techniques that you can use long after we've finished working together

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