Choose between Natural Moss OR Charcoal Carbon Necklace.


Elemental Necklace

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  • The Natural Moss Necklace is created from real dried moss. The Charcoal Carbon Necklace is created from twigs, leaves, and flowers collected from the riverside. This plant matter is then burned in fire to create carbon. 

    Moss has powerful metaphysical properties and is associated with perseverance, patience, nurturing, grounding, serenity, and calm.

    Charcoal is related to the 3 elements of Fire, Earth, and Air. It is known for having metaphysical properties of unity, purification, banishing, cleansing, protection, warding, and concentration. 

    Hung delicately from a bronze fixture and chain for the perfect woodland necklace. Handmade with love <3

    Chain is bronze, 18 inches and sits at the collarbone on most people.